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Tornum Heat Recovery Driers

TORNUMís HR (Heat Recovery) Drier

The Tornum heat recovery dryer is the result of Tornums ongoing efforts to develop our product range and reduce the energy consumption of our dryers. The HR dryer makes use of the energy that would be lost in a traditional dryer. Normally, up to 30% of the heat is recovered. It also provides a quieter and cleaner work environment thanks to its unique design. All our dryers are made from hot-dip galvanized sheet metal.


Reduces energy consumption BY UP TO 30%

Around a quarter of the hottest moist air in a HR dryer is recirculated. Moist air that is recovered is passed through a recirculation zone and then mixed with the heated cooling air. As the recycled air is warmer than the ambient air, you can reduce the energy supply for the gas burner. Nevertheless, you still achieve the desired drying temperature compared to only using fresh air. The design of the HR dryer also means that the exhaust fans at the top require less power.

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