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Grain Dryer Heat Sources

Effective, energy-efficient and sustainable heating

For many years, our driers have been developed to reduce energy consumption in grain handling. To complement these efficient driers, we also offer effective, reliable and energy-efficient heat sources that allow us to reduce our customers’ costs and environmental impact. In this way, we contribute to both environmental and economic sustainability of the grain industry.

Diesel and Kerosene Burners

Allmet uses the most modern, three stage, Kerosene and Diesel package burners to power the furnace, providing you with maximum efficiency and controllability. The three stages provide low temperatures for high value crops such as oilseed rape and malting barley, whilst sustaining high temperatures for feed wheat and barley. Once the required crop drying temperature is set, the control panel will automatically monitor and regulate the temperature, switching each stage on or off as required.

Gas Burners

Allmet can supply gas burners for dryers for direct heating of the hot air. The range encompasses several different types of channel burners or line burners, depending on the type of system to be installed. A directly heated dryer with gas burner consumes less energy compared with indirect heating, such as an oil furnace. Gas burners are normally fired with LPG or natural gas.


Hot Air Furnaces

A robust hot-air furnace for use indoors or outdoors. The frame is made of aluminium with walls built in a sandwich construction. The combustion chamber and heat exchanger are made of stainless steel. The furnace has to be protected against the weather if being used outdoors.

Structure and Function

Hot Water Coils

Hot-water coils are an alternative to hot-air furnaces and are especially adapted for Allmet’s modular systems. Suitable energy sources include straw, chips, pellets or oil. The flexible design means Allmet can customize the dimensions and air volume of the coil.

Structure and Function

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