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Dust Separation

The right quality and a better work environment

We place great importance on being able to improve the work environment when providing a cleaning and dust seraration product range. We offer a number of products by TORNUM for dust separation and coarse cleaning of grain. Using equipment such as the TORNUM Dust Buster and TORNUM Clean Air Control keeps the quality of the final product consistently high while improving the work and surrounding environment.

The DC Remover

This is a complete system with cleaning unit, fan unit with motor and cyclone. The components are manufactured from galvanised steel plate. The system is designed for rough cleaning of grain and cleans away dust, husks and lighter straw. Cleaning is most effective at the lower capacity level and optimum cleaning results are only obtained with the complete system.

Cleaning unit and fan unit are compactly built. The incoming grain is spread over a screen with transverse slits, allowing seed grain to be cleaned without the risk of the crop falling through and being lost. Air is sucked through the screen and the grain flow which is effectively vacuum cleaned, and removes chaff and dust. An air damper on the top of the cleaning unit allows the air flow to be controlled for various crops.

The inlet and outlet is 180, 250 or 300 mm square for connection to Skandia RK250 (120-150 t/h Spiro 315) ducting system. The fan can be turned 360°, which means that the outlet opening can be moved into the required direction without the need for bends. The chaff can be transported approx. 25 m in the blow line to the cyclone.

Structure Function


TORNUM’s cyclones are constructed to separate grain waste and air in the best possible way. The positioning of cyclones and grain waste management is an important aspect in planning a grain handling system that offers a good work environment.

Structure and Function


The Aspirator is intended for dust separation of grain and other granular materials, and has a good output, despite its small size.

     Aspirators remove dust, chaff, light grains and other impurities from grain. You can opt for a traditional 'dust and chaff' aspirator, with capacities from 30-150tph. This works by spreading the grain over a screen and uses air to vacuum the grain clean.

Alternatively the heavy duty aspirator uses a built-in duct to direct the grain to a central inverted cone fitted with a thin grain curtain, where it then drops into an outlet hopper. Between the cone and the hopper is a gap that pulls air through the grain to remove any lighter particles. Capacities for this type of aspirator range from 40-150tph.

Structure and Function

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