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Allmet have been manufacturing grain driers with constant sucesss and performance for over 45 years & have 25 years of grain drier installation experience.
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Allmet Grain Driers Bespoke Electrical Control Panels...

The Allmet Control Panel

grain drier control panel

Here at Allmet our electrical department can design and build a control panel for your grain drier or any other farm or industrial plant. We can also refurbish existing control panels, incorporate existing handling equipment into a new or existing panel and perform general site wiring.

Why Use The Allmet Control Panel

Allmet build panels using 'hard wire' technology rather than printed circuit boards. Although circuit boards are cheaper to use, if they fail or develop a fault they require specialist equipment to put them right. On a hard wire panel, a local electrician will be able to identify the problem, get the parts from his local wholesaler and replace any parts required. This cuts down the cost of repair and keeps the down time to an absolute minimum.

As you can see in the picture to the right, the Allmet control panel is set out in a way that allows the operator to see what is happening anywhere in the drier at any time. The panel is divided into furnace, main column & fan sections so should an alarm situation develop, the operator can see what the problem is at a glance.

Controlling The drying Process

grain drier control panel

Every Allmet mixed flow grain drier comes with a control panel as standard. These control panels incorporate all of the safety features to protect the drier and the crop. Here at Allmet we construct our control panels using 'hard wire' systems rather than the 'PLC' components favoured by others. Listed below are the pros and cons of 'hard wire' systems compared with 'PLC' systems:

1. Hard wire systems are more expensive to produce due to the extra materials and man hours required. 1. PLC control panels are cheaper to produce than the hard wire equivalent. The savings are not necessarily passed on to the customer.
2. Should a component fail in the Allmet hard wire panel, a local electrician would be able to locate the problem and replace the failed component with one purchased from a local wholesaler. 2. Should a failure occur in a PLC panel it would be necessary to replace the failed card. It may also be necessary to reprogram the failed card which needs specialist equipment that a local electrician would not posses. The cards must be purchased from the producer of the panel and could not be purchased at a local wholesaler.
3. Because we build our control panels 'in house' we know them inside out. If a failure occurs, we would be able to talk any electrician through the repair process. 3. With a PLC panel, any fault would require a call out which would incur costs. A specialist with a decoder may be required to rectify the fault.
4. With an Allmet panel it's a simple task to incorporate all of the handling equipment in sequence so that the drier will shutdown if a failure occurs anywhere in the plant, protecting the drier and the plant. 4. Incorporating handling equipment into a PLC panel usually means a seperate 'add on' panel, consisting of the same PLC cards and therefore suffering from the same problems should a fault occur.
5. Our hard-wired panels are built to last the life-time of the drier and opperate in the farm environment. 5. Manufacturers of PLC systems expectm their cards to be obsolete within a 5 to 10 year period, so that replacements by new 'state of the art' must be sort.

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grain drier control panel